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  1. Der Johanniterorden  – und der Wappen von Schloß Sonnenburg
    Approximately 1.200 Knightly Arms from the Johanniter Castle and Church in pre ww2 German city of Küstrin, nowadays Polish city of Kostzyn. The hole collection disappeared at the end of 1945. The Collection was discovered in 1986 in a basement in the Royal Palace of Warsaw. In late 1991 the collection came to Sweden for exhibition. Firstly in the Ridderborgs Manor House and secondly a public exhibition in the Historical Museum in Stockholm. After the Exhibition in Stockholm the hole Collection just disappeared once again. Despite constant attempts to find the collection, I have been unsuccessfully to find the Collection. Some hundreds have been sold at auction houses in England, the United States and Sweden.
    To New Books has been printed in 2018.  Part 1, ISBN 978-91-982375-1-1 and Part 2, ISBN 978-91-982375-2-8. See Books for Sales
  2. Castles and Mansions in Schlesien
    This book contains a complete register of all the Castles and Mansions  that were registered in the Prussian province of Silesia until the end of the World War I. Also known as the Great War, that could be specified as the War that resulted in the beginning of the end of the prosperous province of Silesia.
    The content of this book includes 11 Royal families and 567 Noble families who had possessions in the Prussian Province of Silesia, including their Cost of Arms, a short Family Genealogy and a more exactly description of the positions of their possessions of Mansions and Castles.
    The Books has been printed in 2018. ISBN978-91-982375-4-2. See Books for Sales